Kareeboom Farm Cottage

Caters for maximum 6 people

Breathtaking views over a mountain range covered with majestic quiver trees. The aesthetically decorated cottage consists of a kitchen and lounge with fireplaces in both, a dining room, three good sized bedrooms and 2 Victorian style bathrooms. Enjoy watching eagles soaring from your own private stoop. You will feel like you have discovered the place in South Africa you have always been looking for, where peace and tranquility reign.
Everything in this cottage was chosen to enrich your experience of the true Hantam Karoo hospitality. This photo was taken from the dining room towards the door that leads into the kitchen with its nice fireplace in the background. The cottage is fully stocked with braai tools, a braai grill, glasses, dishes, plates, cutlery etc. You do not have to bring anything with you, when coming to stay here.
This is the master bedroom. This bedroom has a beautiful view on the mountain range that is filled with quiver trees.
The big Victorian style bathroom that is located on the outside, next to the main house. This is a big favourite of our regular guests. This is a big and beautiful bathroom where you can take a long and peaceful bath or shower in complete silence. There is also a bathroom on the inside of the house. All guests will be supplied with towels.
This is the second master bedroom with its beautiful cast iron bed and unique furniture to go with it. All bedding will be provided for your stay.
More photos of the spacious outside bathroom.
This is the bedroom with the two three quarter beds in. This room has the same view as the master bedroom, which is the mountain range filled with quiver trees.
Photos of the bathroom on the inside of the house with everything that you will need.
Freshly baked bread is delivered to your doorstep every evening, as well as wood for the cold winter evenings. Farm products, like rusks, apricot jam, quinces, grape jam, fig preserve etc. and homemade soups can also be purchased here. Photo prints of Nakkie van Wyk is also available to purchase.
The big dining room table where you can enjoy a nice evening with friends. The cottage is filled with detail to really make this a wonderful experience.
The cosy and luxurious lounge. Sitting at that fire will make you feel right at home and you will experience the place where peace and tranquillity meet.
Kareeboom farm cottage is perfect for photographers, birdwatchers, hikers and those wanting to experience wide open spaces and solitude. Look at the absolute beauty of the Hantam Karoo.

Gannabos Farm and Guest House
situated near the world's largest quiver tree forest
Northern Cape, South Africa

Gannabos Guest Farm • Liezel (Nakkie) van Wyk
Tel/Fax: 027 218 1249 • Vox phone: 087 150 8101